7 Do Overs and Second Chances in Life

Remember when you were young, out playing a game with your friends. On occasion, right in the middle of the game, the tide would turn against you and you would cry out, “do-over!” This would immediately give you another chance to fix the mistake you made in the game. The “do-over” was a chance at redemption, a chance to make things right.

As we all move on in life from kid games to adulthood, wouldn’t it be great to be able to yell, “do-over” for some of our decisions and get a fresh start? If only, right?

We can’t go back in time to correct our past actions, but we can make new decisions that move us forward in a way that gives us the sense of a fresh redo. The chance to do it over can seem elusive, but it is a possibility…occasionally. Author Mike Bellah offers three tips for folks approaching their 40-plus stage of life.

  • Take Inventory – Where are you now?
  • Take Thought – Understanding you have options
  • Take Action – Set a plan in place to moveHere is a list of “do-overs” to ponder. Do you have your own list of things you wish you could do over? Are you doing anything to make a change?

(1) Tattoos

Everything from a little butterfly on the hip to a full fledged, full body mural (i.e., Rick Ross), tattoos are the rage for some. But, once the ink is dry, are there second thoughts? The decision to undo a “tat” can be painful and expensive.

There is a fairly new term out there called, “tattoo regret.” At the time, when you got that beautiful tattoo, it seemed like a good idea to forever express your love for some named person. Now, three weeks later, you can’t stand to hear their name. What do you do when the name tattooed on your skin makes your skin crawl? As an article in the Detroit Free Press mentioned, tattoo removal is booming business. The remedy is a little painful, but can help remove that unwanted body ink.

(2) Relationships

“About 44 per cent of the regrets listed by women were about romance, compared to just 19 per cent for men.” – Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management

Some relationships are impossible, by nature. You may even ask at times, “What is a relationship?” In dating, and even in engagement, the challenge may come down to having the courage to leave, instead of going through with a bad thing. As my father used to say, “It is better to be single, than wish you were after getting married.”

Do you regret dating someone in your past? Do you regret not dating someone you wanted to? The list of relationship regrets is very personal. Many people carry their list like a badge of dishonor, letting it weigh them down. TopDatingTips.com highlights some of the most common regrets or needs for relationship “do-overs.” Remember, time served is not a reason to stay in a pre-marriage relationship. You don’t get any points for sticking it out.

(3) Jobs

If you are in a job you don’t like, leave! It may seem wacky advice in a down economy, but your health and well-being are worth it in the end. I don’t mean leave before finding something else. But, you should always be on the look out for a better situation, if the one you’re in isn’t a good fit. Article: When the Job isn’t what you expected

(4) Friends

A do over in a friendship can either be a rising from the ashes kind of thing or a burn up, blow up and end it kind of thing. Sometimes, it may seem like the hardest thing in the world to cut a friendship, but there are some that should be cut. Destructive, manipulative, controlling relationships may not be worth the trouble.

(5) Neighborhoods

Making a decision about where to live can be agonizing. If your choice ends up not being a good one, there may need to be another move in your future.

(6) Roads not Taken

Some of us live lives of regret about decisions we didn’t make when the opportunity presented itself. Although it may take a bit longer than it would have originally taken, go ahead and take a step in the direction of your dream.

(7) WishIhadda/Shouldadonea’s

How much time do we waste on should have’s or would have’s? The “do-over” for what should have been is taking action today.

Here is a reading list of 10 books for the “Do Over,” according to life coach Matt Theriault.

Word reference: 2 Corinthians 5:17

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Second Chances by El DeBarge


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  • singlemiddleagedguys

    I don’t regret any mistakes that I’ve done in the past since I learned from them.  Dating is basically trial and error.  Of course, you have to make sure that you become wiser and this is why it’s a good idea to check out these dating advice for men

  • It is absolutely a process. Unfortunately, many people continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Thanks for sharing the tips on your site.