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Cee Lo Green is nothing, if not colorful. Not the king yet, but let’s call him a prince of creative collaboration. Here, he joins with Canadian native, Melanie Fiona for an old new school cut in “Fool for You.”

The tune is reminiscent of a little bit of Motown/Stax, a little bit of Teddy Pendergrass – a nice jumble of genres, with definite Cee Lo flair.

Green, born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, is the popular kid in the class lately with all of his work on the television show, “The Voice” and numerous duets, features and joint appearances with industry favorites. The music is consistently fresh, fun and cool – all at the same time.




He originally jumped on the scene as a member of the hip hop group Goodie Mob and later enjoyed success with the Gnarls Barkley hit, “Crazy.”

New to the solo set, he is absolutely making a mark for himself in the sea of singers, songwriters and performers. If you have ever scene checked his interactions on “The Voice,” you know he can never be accused of being shy.

He is still enjoying residual nods for his 2010 release, “The Lady Killer,” which included the much talked-about cut, “Forget You.” (Cleaned up version).


“Fool For You”

(“The Lady Killer” Album Version; feat. Philip Bailey)


What?! That real, that deep, that burning, that amazing unconditional, inseparable love

That feel like forever, that always emotional but still exceptional love

Can’t nobody tell me nothing it is what it is

And any mistake you make I, I just may forgive

Right now, right now at this very moment I still love her like I loved her then

I love her in and out and up and down and ’round and ’round and over and over again

So rare they swear that you just don’t exist

And there’s only one person I can think of that makes me feel like this

And I’m a fool, such a fool for you!

What?! That deep, that sweet, that soft and that wet that fire, that funky stuff

That up and that down, that front and that back, baby I can’t seem to get enough

Ooo Baby let me do it, let me do it ’til I’m satisfied ahh ahh

Baby now please baby I ain’t got no more pride

Sweet sugar I surrender, I don’t want no other woman. Baby you win

And you ain’t never got to worry, ever got to worry

You’ll never be alone again

There’s nothing, there’s nothing

That I wouldn’t do

I wrote a song about it mama

Everybody knows who I’m talking to

And I’m a fool, such a fool for you

I’m a fool, I’m a fool, I’m such a fool…

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