Friday Duet Bobby McFerrin and Richard Bona


Image courtesy of Flickr by Jazz Fest Wien Team


Bobby McFerrin and Richard Bona provide improv collaboration in this live performance that is definitely outside the norm. Two guys, a bass and a whole lot of musical talent are showcased here.

You can’t really put a title on this performance, because it is all over the place. What you can immediately tell, if you open up and give it a listen, is that these talented musicians sync-up and perform almost as one.


McFerrin, of course, is known for his mastery of his instrument (his voice). It’s one we all have, but I dare say none of us can make the melodic sounds he can, while beating his chest to keep the beat.

He has combined with all sorts of people to showcase his talent – so much more than “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” the one tune most people would know him for. He has spent quite a bit of time teaching and bringing together unconventional vocal arrangements with amazing results.

Richard Bona is probably less known to American music fans, although a force in his own right. Born in Minta, Cameroon, he is a phenomenally talented jazz bassist, with tremendous accuracy, passion and finger speed that leaves you wondering, “How’d he do that” when you see him perform.

There’s no title, but I invite you to sit back and soak this one up. Give me you thoughts.

Enjoy and enjoy the journey!

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